The Plant Cyborgs are featured in the Nordic Journal of Science and Technology Studies:
“In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, we find this work intellectually intriguing, drawing up a world of interspecies communication, and machines and AI processes enabling human/non-human communication, collaboration, and artistry. Also, it serves as a perfect encapsulation of art bridging the constructed dichotomy of the natural and man-made – an endeavor well suited for this STS journal.” have written an article about digitally minded art, among other things about my Plant Cyborg project – Teknologi-trivialiteters tyngde by Andreas Ervik (in Norwegian)

Upcoming exhibitions

Arteriet, Kristiansand, NO, December 2020 (with Sara Rönnbäck)

Art’s Work in the Age of Biotechnology, University of Pittsburgh, US, January 2021

RAM Gallery, Oslo, NO, February 2021 (with Sara Rönnbäck)

Hidden Connections – Visible Ecologies, Black Box teater, Oslo, NO,
Summer 2021 (with Sara Rönnbäck)

Artspace FOREST, NO, Summer 2021

Performance Art Oslo, NO, Winter 2021 (with Sara Rönnbäck)