Creature Experiencing Sensations


Kunsthall Grenland, Porsgrunn, NO

H50 x W80 x D70 (in.)

Juniper wood, found burnt wooden disc and wooden furniture sections, porcelain, aluminum cast, 3D-printed gears, transducer speaker, capacitance sensor, electric motors

The installation is part of Greenlightdistrict 2021 at Kunsthall Grenland (NO) opening September 18th in Porsgrunn. It’s a creature that senses, moves and expresses itself. A sense organ made of porcelain with a villus-shaped inside covered with conductive copper hairs that “smells” the air. It reacts to its sensory inputs with a meandering arm of wood, plastic, and motors. A transducer and wooden disc vibrate sounds of expression.

Someone said meaning comes from existing in the world – being embodied and interacting in the world. Creating bodily and emotional interconnections to the outside world is maybe more important than ever in these verge-of-catastrophic times.