Experiences of time


Consciousness in the time of Kairos​, ​Kurant​, Tromsø, NO

The time of the Self,
the time of the Soul,
the time of the Ego


H120 x W40 x L40 cm
Polished porphyry-granite and plaster,
aspen wood,
plastic wrap

Patterns of time

H100 x W50 x L50 cm
Carved wood cones and plaster dripped on MDF plate for 30 days

Performance during the exhibition Consciousness in the time of Kairos

Vertical and horizontal eternity

H15 x W14 x L21 cm
Polished groove in granite stone and aluminum foil beaten to a ball

Imprint of polystyrene dissolving in acetone

H5 x W40 x L40 cm
Plaster cast on MDF plate