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Meditations over Form

Punkt Ø / Galleri F15 og Høstutstillingen, 2014-2015

The Meditations project explores intuitive choice and the original spark of inspiration through meditation and other mind-altering strategies. The sculptures appear to me with unfamiliar forms and questions about the sender.

The project has previously been presented at Punkt Ø / Galleri F15 as part of the curated group show "Young. Promising", the National Art Exhibition and as the Graduation Project for Master of Fine Art at Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

A couple of exerpts from reviews:

Along with the texts in which the artist describes a desperate battle to let the shapes step out of nothingness, the whole functions in a devious and witty way.

Stramme samspill (in Norwegian) - KUNSTforum (NO)

The projects by Daniel Slåttnes and Tuleubek are experienced as the exhibition's most forthcoming and successful.

Tatt av lyset (in Norwegian) -

Each sculpture begins with a container filled with plaster that hardens while I meditate over a potential form. I also use hypnosis and mind-altering substances as strategies to put me in a state that is not dominated by the analytical focus - the normal cognitive awareness. When I have experienced a form in my mind I carve a representation out of the plaster lump.
The project investigate intuitive choice and the original spark of inspiration. I use meditation and similar tools to keep speculations about the result, mine and others' expectations, and other thought-baggage out of the meeting with the sculpture. Where does the shape of the sculpture come from - my subconscious, or something collective one may ask.

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