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Note 2: Vision 1

March 5 2014

Approximately 3 liters plaster in container

I took about 0.2-gram Salvia divinorum 30x extract with the hardened lump of plaster in front of me.

All my meetings with this drug has been stressful experiences - although the effect only lasts a few minutes. However, I felt I got something useful out of the state of mind.

As I exhaled, my vision began to vibrate. I felt that I understood the form. "A volume is like a piece of time" I heard myself say repetitively in the state.

I remember I had a concrete sense of my body and all the other space around me be glued to time as a fly to flypaper. I felt pain as my hand teared through time. I felt entropy in my body while I was moving through the experience.

A couple of problems arose, I thought. I want to listen to what the object conveys in this altered state, but I recognize the experience I now are left with from previous experiences with Salvia. What does the state of mind bring into the picture and what is a genuine response on the plaster lump?

Another problem is that the "compelling idea” about how the sculpture should look like, naturally, meet material limitations. It dries in a short time and becomes motionless, after which there is no negotiating with it. Following several experiments with adhesives, silicone, milk, I ended with gypsum mortar, which has a fluidity I can work with.

Something must also disappear in the translation of the experience between the levels of consciousness. I try to express an experience that I never have experienced before and maybe never will again. It was an experience I shared with the plaster lump. I felt I was as much a part of its experience, as it was in my experience.

I had to do multiple trials until I felt that shaping the plaster lump was like the experience of handling the lump while in the altered state. I am happy with the trial on March 12, Salvia divinorum 1-4.

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