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Note 12: Trance 2

May 9 2014

I think hypnosis is about a different mode of thinking. A "bodily mode” of thinking that for me seems to be about thinking with emotions, intuition and faith. Can you believe - not think, a thought?

I filled buckets with 10 liters and 3 liters of regular plaster, and likewise with plaster mortar so that I had four lumps to work with in the hypnotic trance.

I tried with the 30-minute recording from Lisbeth but the mortar had already set when I was done listening. I was then in the trance for 1 hour and 15 minutes and managed to work on the two biggest plaster lumps.

I wonder if the different materials - plaster and mortar, affect the way I work on the sculptures. I feel Trance 2-1, which is based on mortar, is somewhat ugly. It can also be that I think differently about the materials, and that it is what affect the aesthetics.

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