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Conversation Between Bodies

Kunstmuseet i Nord-Trøndelag, June-August 2018

Conversation Between Bodies #10

Sara Rönnbäck and Daniel Slåttnes have worked on the collaborative project 'Conversation Between Bodies' since 2015. The project is based on a shared interest in the material's role in art production.

This artistic project is about narrative objects. Things are loaded with associations that can create inner dialogues for the public and between the things themselves located in the same room. Rönnbäck and Slåttnes examine in their project several aspects of the materials presented in the gallery. The material consists of organic elements processed by traditional crafts like macrame and weave in combination with new technology and machine-manufactured parts. We also find other natural materials like wood, whittled logs and dried flowers. The exhibition shows results of the artists' intuitive and reflective processes from their explorations of visual culture and the intrinsic, non-verbal and narrative qualities of things.

The privileged accessibility we have in our own thought world, but do not have to others, is often the focus of our lack of understanding in the dialogue with each other. When we are together, living together, working, sleeping and eating together, we achieve a higher awareness and understanding of the other's thought world. This intuitive and actual communication is based on everything from everyday chores and routine affairs to more ceremonial and ritual actions. Repetition of daily actions such as chopping wood or collecting, fetching and gathering, finding herbs, plants, flowers and food of different kinds are sophisticated strategies for survival on the most primitive yet civilized and cultivated plan, where simple actions make a big difference for quality of life, human relations and dialogue. 

By Ingeborg P. Bodzioch, museum educator, Nord Trøndelag Museum of Art, Museum Midt IKS

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