Spiritual Time & Space

USF, April 2016

Lona Hansen , Sara Rönnbäck and Daniel Slåttnes have come together for the exhibition to dwell upon fundamental experiences; like death, emptiness, absence and existence. The physical meeting and the interaction with the experience are other common emphasizes in the art production.

We see with different aesthetic expression on the sculptures as performative in meeting the public. For the exhibition we have put together three projects which turn a hand on some of the intangible experiences of existence.

The exhibition is supported by Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond and The City of Bergen.

A publication with texts by Fredrik Rönnbäck, D.Phil., and Drude von der Fehr, Prof. emerita, about the exhibition can be read here (in Scandinavian) -  http://slaattnes.com/Spirituell_tid_og_rom.pdf

Interview in KUNSTforum(NO) about the exhibition - http://slaattnes.com/Tvilens_tilstand_Kunstforum_1-16.pdf

Stardust filmed with a phone. The video shows a cloud chamber with isopropanol in a dry ice bath. If you look closely short bursts of "stardust" (energetic electrons and muons coming from the universe) shows up as glowing lines in the cloud chamber. Video in collaboration with Lona Hansen and Sara Rönnbäck.