I work with "performative sculptures" to explore boundaries between the artistic input and the materials that I work with. I am currently working on a series of sculptures in collaboration with a houseplant. Since 2014, I have been going to a psychotherapist in Oslo with the goal to see my sculptures as subjects. I am now in a period with research for an exhibition next year that will include technological solutions to connect with the sculptures. Upcoming exhibitions in 2017 @ Oslo Project Space, Gallery BOAPlatform 1-12 and Gallery Ask.

Recent exhibitions :

Conversation Between Bodies

Studio17, May 2016

Performance with Sara Rönnbäck, yeast dough and plants. The materials have electrodes placed on them which pick up any electrical signals and translates it into sound.


Meditation Space

Oslo Utmark, April-May 2016

Temporary installation in the East Forest of Oslo

An audio piece plays a guided meditation for general public sitting down under the structure. 

Meditation Space in Oslo Utmark

Spiritual Time & Space

USF, April 2016

An exhibition in collaboration with Lona Hansen and Sara Rönnbäck about our mutual interest in materialising 'the moment'.


Seances with Materials

Hotel Pro Forma and Podium, Nov. & Dec. 2015

An interdisciplinary project initiated by me and Sara Rönnbäck where we experiment with the idea that the material itself have a voice.


This Is Its Body

Noplace, May 2015

The exhibition present sculptures that express themselves and experience their surroundings. The project explore and speculates in their active role in reality. 


Meditations over Form

Høstutstillingen & Punkt Ø, 2014-2015

The Meditations explores intuitive choice and the original spark of inspiration through mind-altering strategies.